Bodmin Road Health Centre

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Immunisation of Children

All immunisations are carried out by the practice nurse and health visitor, supervised by a doctor. The immunisations which children require and further information can be found at:

Maternity Care

Provided by the community midwives who hold a clinic at the surgery each Wednesday between 08:45 and 12:15.

Immunisation for Foreign Travel

We offer a comprehensive travel health service during routine appointments on all matters relating to healthy travel abroad, including avoidance of malaria, and a full immunisation service with the exception of yellow fever. Please book your first appointment as early as possible, preferably at least six weeks before departure. You will be asked to complete a travel questionnaire for each member of your party – please help us by returning one week prior to your appointment, particularly when your itinerary is complex. See our Travel Services page for more information.

Contraceptive Implants

Contraceptive Implant procedures are carried out at the surgery by Dr Pole. Please ring for an appointment.

Joint Injections

Joint Injections are carried out at the surgery by Dr Simpson and Dr Yarnell.

Patients Aged 75 And Over

Patients Aged 75 And Over will be invited for a health assessment in the month of their 75th birthday. If you are housebound then arrangements can be made to visit you at home. We will endeavour to contact all patients over 75 who have not been seen every three years or you can make an appointment with our Health Care Assistant for a check-up if you have any concerns. GPs will recall patients who are on regular medication or with a chronic disease at regular intervals.

Cervical Smears

Women aged 25 – 50 are advised to have a smear test every three years and those aged 50 – 65 every five years. Please contact reception for an appointment with the practice nurse.

Family Planning

Appointments can be made with any doctor for advice on, and management of, contraception. Once a method is established you are advised to have an annual check-up and a smear every three years. This can be booked with the doctor or the practice nurse.

Flu Vaccinations

Flu Vaccination is recommended each year in line with Department of Health guidelines. See here for more information from the NHS.

Smoking Cessation Advice

Is offered for patients who want to stop smoking. Please make an appointment to see the GP or Practice Nurse and take that first step to a healthier lifestyle

Referral Information Centre/TCCC

When the GP refers you to a hospital to see another health professional, this is organised through the e-Referral system. The GP will either directly book an appointment for you or a telephone appointment slot will be given to you to contact the TCC (Trafford Co-Ordination Centre) service directly and they will make a convenient appointment for you. To make an enquiry regarding a referral that we have made for you please contact the TCC on 0161 976 2555 .